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If you or your family are facing legal obstacles concerning family law issues, we can help. Jon has over 30 years of legal experience as a litigator, parenting coordinator, mediator and guardian ad litem. Jon has the knowledge and insight in dealing with all family law matters which you may be facing including adoption, custody, guardianship, and divorce. Jon’s goal as a family lawyer is to help alleviate your stress and to assist you as you move forward in life.

“Jon helped us with the adoption of our son. He was incredibly prompt, knowledgeable and genuinely caring. Would absolutely recommend Jon Nicholson Law for any family law needs you may have.”

Hannah Conover

“When I walked into Jon’s office I was lost, I had not seen my kids for several months and I was unsure what to do. Jon knew exactly what to do, we made a plan and the first time in several years I had some hope that I would get to see my kids. Jon knows the law and in court he is masterful. I felt like input was valued and taken into consideration at every step. Jon really cares, and my children and their well being was paramount at every step. I would highly recommend Jon Nicholson for your legal needs. I still send Jon updates on my children 10 years after I gained custody and Jon is always happy to respond with kindness and interest in their well being.”

Bradley Dean

“Jon was absolutely incredible. He helped my husband adopt my daughter. He made the process so smooth. He was caring and prompt and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.”

Lesley Sandoval

“Jon helped us with an adoption and was AMAZING to work with! He made the process as easy as possible and is just an incredible man to speak with in general. Since the adoption we have had questions about a different matter and he steered us toward people who are more suitable for our specific situation. Best experience ever”

Jennifer Oliver

“Jon Nicholson was incredibly professional and kind as he worked with my ex and I through a tough-but-amiable divorce process. With his knowledge and quite-mannered approach, we were able to work through the issues of property, child custody, etc to a satisfactory conclusion for the both of us. Jon became a strong advocate for our children’s needs and rights during our negotiations and review, which proved to be something my ex and I could both get behind. Quality mediation between the two parties was handled with much professionalism and care. Drama was virtually non-existent. I would recommend his services to anyone, especially if you are seeking a fair, amiable solution to a tough legal situation. Jon is your man.”

Chris Snyder

“Jon is fantastic to work with. He is kind and patient, he answered all of our questions. He made our adoption simple and stress free. We will definitely be using him again.”

Brandi Alexander

“I worked with Jon on more than one sensitive family issue and I’m convinced that his approach had a very positive effect on the outcome. Jon is not interested in creating conflict to beef up his fees. He’s respectful, intentional, experienced, and nuanced. He knows what he’s doing, he knows everyone in the community, and he cares about how things turn out for everyone. I’d definitely recommend working with him.”

Chad Minteer

“I have used Jon many times over the years. He is helpful, honest, and has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend.”

Stephanie Constable

“Jon Nicholson handled a sibling group adoption for us.  Not only was he great to work with, he was aggressive in filing paperwork and keeping us up to date on what would come next.  We would work with Jon again and have already referred several friends to him!”

Anne Sharp

“I have used Jon Nicholson twice since 2015 and have been more than pleased with the results. Jon carries out his work with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend Jon to anyone in need of legal counsel.”

Dan Houdeshell CVCP

“Mr. Nicholson was great to work with for custody. He was very responsive and made sure I understood everything that was going on throughout the process. Mr. Nicholson made the process as least stressful as possible for me. I would highly recommend for all your family law needs.”

Megan Wilks

“Jon, helped my husband and I get through a stressful adoption process. He did it in a professional and timely manner. He was always honest with me and always reassuring. He never gave me false hope, he dealt with all the difficulties, so I wouldn’t have to. Jon, if you read this, I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend him!!”

Lizette Olvira

“My husband and I have worked with Mr. Nicholson on various stages of custody, guardianship and adoptions matters since 2014. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. He listens and explains the process and keeps you informed as to what is happening on your case. I would recommend Mr. Nicholson to anyone for any case.”

Dixie Dennis


We assist with many aspects of family law including the following:



Divorce is a stressful time for people and can be multi-faceted depending on the parties involved. In some cases, there are property issues which are significant.  In other divorce cases, custody and visitation is a primary issue in the case. Jon has many years of experience as a divorce attorney dealing with all areas of divorce and can be of great assistance in helping you over the speed bumps and entanglements of a divorce. 

In cases where divorcing couples are communicating and wish to part ways in a less hostile or litigious environment, Jon can assist and has low cost options to finalize your divorce.  Jon has helped many divorcing couples part ways in a friendly manner.


Guardianship law is for those adults or minors who are unable to care for themselves and/or unable to make decisions for themselves. As a guardianship lawyer, Jon has many years of handling the various forms of guardianship. There are guardianships involving children who are unable to care for themselves, and the parent(s) is not properly caring for the child. In this case, an interested person or relative will need to step in to look after the child’s best interest. Jon has handled many cases regarding this type of guardianship.


If you need an adoption attorney, we can assist you with all manner of adoptions. We will help protect the interests of families and individuals who wish to adopt the child of a spouse through stepparent and second parent adoptions.

We handle open adoptions and direct placements. We can act as a liaison between the birth mother, her legal counsel, and the adoption agency or adoptive couple. We can prepare all of the necessary court documents for filing and will represent your interests in any necessary hearings and court proceedings.


Dealing with child custody can be a very stressful time for parents and children.  As a custody lawyer, Jon has the insight and knowledge to handle various issues and situations as they arise in this area.

If trial is necessary, then Jon will assist and represent you through the process.  In the event that resolution is possible between the parties, Jon will work with the parents or other custody attorneys to reach a conclusion which will allow the parents to spend time with their child in a manner that serves the best interest of the child.



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