Preserving and protecting your parental rights.


Dealing with child custody can be a very stressful time for parents and children.  Jon Nicholson has the insight and knowledge to handle various issues and situations as they arise in the child custody arena.

If your child custody case goes to trial, then Jon will assist and represent you as your child custody lawyer through the process.  In the event that resolution is possible between the parties, Jon will work with the parents or other child custody attorneys to reach a conclusion which will allow the parents to spend time with their child in a manner that serves the best interest of the child.

In some child custody cases, paternity is an issue which needs to be resolved.  Jon represents both mothers and fathers regarding paternity issues as your custody lawyer.  His priority in all child custody cases is to put the child or children first and their interest.

Often times, custody issues which are of interest to the parents are modifications of existing custody orders or re-location by one or both parents.  Jon has the experience and knowledge as a child custody attorney to help you through every detail in the child custody process.


At Jon Nicholson Law, we discuss the possible need for evaluators or counselors for the children or the couple since the divorce process can be stressful for those involved. Our child custody law clients are often worried about how much time they will be able to spend with their children and what is going to happen during the divorce process. We help our clients to stay focused on the best interests of the children. When clients cannot easily come to an agreement, we are prepared to take child custody cases to trial when necessary.


Often when working with our Twin Falls & Jerome clients on child custody and visitation matters there are other issues that may arise. We help clients who are seeking a modification of existing child custody or child support order because of life event changes, including relocation of the parent. As part of our divorce practice, we also advise clients on how their child custody and visitation arrangement will impact the amount of child support. We work with couples on paternity matters to help determine the nature of the child's relationship to the parent.

Father hugging a child


In addition to representing clients with custody or support concerns, we also help other attorneys as a court-appointed parenting coordinator. The parenting services we provide include listening to both parties and then making determinations about child custody issues that are in the best interest of the children.


I was unsure of what to expect when I was looking to retain an attorney from out of state. I reached out to Mr. Nicholson’s office based on the reviews I saw when researching and was not disappointed. His office was very responsive, as was Jon himself. He is knowledgeable with family law (I used him for a custody case) and will keep it straight with you. He is swift, diligent, and honest. He doesn’t con clients on fees and gives a detailed invoice. I recommend Jon Nicholson and had a great experience with great results.

Drew V

“My husband and I have worked with Mr. Nicholson on various stages of custody, guardianship and adoptions matters since 2014. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. He listens and explains the process and keeps you informed as to what is happening on your case. I would recommend Mr. Nicholson to anyone for any case.”

Dixie Dennis

“I have used Jon many times over the years. He is helpful, honest, and has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend.”

Stephanie Constable

“Jon was absolutely incredible. He helped my husband adopt my daughter. He made the process so smooth. He was caring and prompt and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.”

Lesley Sandoval

“Mr. Nicholson was great to work with for custody. He was very responsive and made sure I understood everything that was going on throughout the process. Mr. Nicholson made the process as least stressful as possible for me. I would highly recommend for all your family law needs.”

Megan Wilks

“Jon Nicholson was incredibly professional and kind as he worked with my ex and I through a tough-but-amiable divorce process. With his knowledge and quite-mannered approach, we were able to work through the issues of property, child custody, etc to a satisfactory conclusion for the both of us. Jon became a strong advocate for our children’s needs and rights during our negotiations and review, which proved to be something my ex and I could both get behind. Quality mediation between the two parties was handled with much professionalism and care. Drama was virtually non-existent. I would recommend his services to anyone, especially if you are seeking a fair, amiable solution to a tough legal situation. Jon is your man.”

Chris Snyder

“When I walked into Jon’s office I was lost, I had not seen my kids for several months and I was unsure what to do. Jon knew exactly what to do, we made a plan and the first time in several years I had some hope that I would get to see my kids. Jon knows the law and in court he is masterful. I felt like input was valued and taken into consideration at every step. Jon really cares, and my children and their well being was paramount at every step. I would highly recommend Jon Nicholson for your legal needs. I still send Jon updates on my children 10 years after I gained custody and Jon is always happy to respond with kindness and interest in their well being.”

Bradley Dean

Jon is an excellent lawyer. He is professional, courteous, and quick to respond. He doesn’t drag things out for money, and is reasonably priced. He kept me “in the know” with everything. He listened and responded to everything I needed within reason. If you are looking for a divorce and custody lawyer, look no further. Jon is the lawyer to get!

Working with Jon was a good experience during a difficult period. Jon was able and willing to fight hard when needed, but was also encouraging of mediation and settlement, which saved me enormous amounts of time and money, and was also in the best interest of the children. I appreciated his thoughtful, thorough approach, and would go to him again if needed. I have confidence, however, that I won’t need to, because the settlement he supported crafting is one that I believe will be able to last.


We assist with many aspects of family law including the following: